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Wow!! That is the most clever book launch I've ever heard of!! Congratulations, Janee!!

Thanks, Dee!

Fantastic, Janee! What a creative book launch. I'm getting ready for mine, and trying to drum up ideas to make it interactive. So, reading all the wonderful things you had is very inspiring. Did it take you awhile to put it together?

Thanks, Natasha! I'd been planning it in my head for ages, but I'd say I started ordering stuff and making arrangements a month before the event. My librarian pal, Leigh was extremely helpful. I planned the big ideas, then she helped me bring them back down to realistic, child-friendly scale.

Incredible, Janee! Your talent and imagination sure doesn't stop after the books come in! I love the animal skins on the wall. Lots of great touches.

Thanks, Benita!

Thanks for putting this together - this is a great article for those of us with our heads buried in the keyboard all day.

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