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Beautiful job, Janee- and Happy Birthday, John!!

If anything needs to have it's butt kicked, it's cancer- I'll lend a hand any day!

Thanks Jana - let's go kick some cancer butt!

Thanks, Janee, for your talent and in building awareness of NET. Had never heard of it, but now I know. Love and best wishes to both you and John!

Thanks, Laurie! Hope all is well at your house!

All the best to you and John, Janee. Thanks for the info on the disease.

Love ya Janee! Rock on John!

Thanks, Ann and Benita! UWF/PWCF love to both of you!

Hey Janee,
Great post. All the best to you and John!
Fight On!!

Thanks, Mary!

Yes, keep kicking butt, John. I'm happy to read that you guys are pressing on in a great way. xo

Awww thanks, Roz.

You were so sweet to stop by here when you're dealing with so much.

Hang in there, girlie. We're sending lots of love your way.

Hey there, I just joined the Children's illustrator blog ring and I was browsing the other fellow illustrators' blogs (and say hello).
So well, hello, you're added to my feeds:)

Thx for sharing.

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