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For me it's the right kind of notebook (one with the really hard cardboard back) and the right kind of pen! With those, it doesn't matter where I am, but I like the idea of a big, comfy chair with wide arms. Oh, I have to have a really good light now that I'm over 60!

I hope you'll share some pictures of your stolen place, unless you just want to keep it to yourself! :)

Oooh those are my favorite kind of notebooks too, Dee!

My lighting will be good up there. Big picture window, good overhead lighting, and a favorite thrift-store find lamp should do the trick.

I will post pictures. If you'd like to see it in progress though, a couple of my friends and I have started a blog about our junkin' addiction. I'll be posting progress pics there: http://johansennewman.typepad.com/junkin_jezebels/

Notebooks, variety of pens, books (on the craft and to read), the comfy chair, (recliner or with an ottoman), window to stare outside, either at the mountains or trees...wow you have me thinking of all the things I would look for in a room when going on a do it yourself retreat--and yeah, I've got two rooms at home I could choose from...hmmmm.

Excellent post!

I do a lot of my writing on a 1950's model manual typewriter. It helps me stay focused, since there are no distractions like email, facebook, etc.

Wonderful illustration and post.

Deb - you should totally claim one of those rooms for yourself! A couple writing buddies and I have done the DIY retreat too, and like you, we like to have something to look at when we write.

Eric - that's insane and I LOVE it! Sometimes when I'm out junkin', I'll see those old typewriters and try to remember life before computers. I start having White-Out flashbacks. :-)

I have to be alone. It's as if my mind is exposed and I can't put the words to paper when others are around. I like to have quiet or mellow music playing in the background. I get totally into what I'm writing and anything seems to distract me from my task. I seem to put myself last and always drop what I'm doing to do for others. And when I wrie, people like to ask what are you writing? Then they proceed to tell me you know you should be writing about blah-blah-blah. I am a loner when I write and understand why people need to go into recluse to do it.

Hey Kathy - I can't write with music playing, but one of my friends suggested white noise to me a couple of years ago and that really works for me! I'm going to put a noise machine and a table top fountain in my room.

Oh...and only one chair. ;-)

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