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Wow, what a super year you've had!
I wish I still lived in Texas, I'd love to see one of your presentations along with all the other fab authors you'll be with!

Wow. Nine books??? That's uber-fantastic. Congrats... and let me know when you're touring my neck o' the woods. Clearly you're too busy for the SCBWI Annual!

I hope you're not "out on tour" when I finally get down there to visit!! Not sure when it will be, maybe before Christmas or maybe during the holidays. I'll let you know!

Congratulations on all your wonderful news!!

Hi Janee,
I just caught up with your blog and read the bit about 9 books this year.
I am amazed and very impressed... and I wish I could work that fast! Not that I ever get 9 offers a year but you know what I mean. Well done on all the hard work, and especially well done on 'Ghost Eats It All'.

Keep up the lovely work,

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