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Those look fantastic Janee! How inspiring!

I love this. It's a straightforward way of figuring out what to include and what not.Defintely going to keep this in mind for myself.
Your samples look adorable btw!

Thanks for the great info, Janee! Your promos look terrific!

Really great info Janee! Very useful way to get to the heart of it. Samples look beautiful!

Janee, you are such a genius! I'm glad you've posted this info. it helped a lot when I was choosing my image. Your samples look great by the way.


Those are some fantastic looking promo pieces! I love the design and of course the illos themselves are excellent, as usual. You're bound to get some work out out of this! Good luck!

This is so true. I'm about to send out samples soon, and after that it's postcards. Very exciting.
Your samples looks great. I see you have several samples on each sheet, is this the usual way to do it? I'm new to sending out samples, so I don't know how many illustrations to send or if I'm gonna use one sheet for each illustration or not.

Thanks for the nice comments, y'all!

Anette - As far as samples go, it's really up to you. I like to send several images at once and then invite them to look at my website for more. I probably wouldn't send one image per sheet these days just because it's expensive to print that many sheets. I would save that for those potential clients who ask to see more.

I'm sending both of these sample sheets in my current mailings because I'm promoting two styles right now (one with a black line and one without).

I'd love to see your samples when you get them done!


Thanks for helping with all this great advice you post.

whew! You just helped relieve some tension! I was worrying about my postcard image for the conference in NY...then I saw your post, answered your questions...and voila! All better! Thanks so much for giving out the free advice. :)

Great advice Janee, helped me pick my NY showcase piece. :)

Just wanted to say hi and to let you know that I found your blog and your work interesting as well as inspirational. It's colorful and the characters are great.

I am a fellow designer - I have a stationery line and I do a lot of custom logo & illustration work. I think it's so neat to see other people's art. Thanks for sharing!

Please keep up with your work!!


Hi JAnee, Great posts! I am about to do some promo pieces and I saw the mention of Barb and Ilene! I love Jack E. Davis too! Keep posting!

Excellent advice. Thank you for the wake-up call.

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