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What a wonderful, inspiring list, Janee! I hope 2006 brings you even more exciting opportunities.
I'll write my list tomorrow.

Great to hear about all your fantastic accomplishments. Good luck with 2006, I bet it will be a great year. Happy new year!

Congratulations on such a successful year, Janee! You're gonna hit the ground running when 2006 starts! Go, Janee!!

Janee, what a great list and I know next year will be filled with even greater things for you!


Congratulations on your fantastic year! You are very inspiring.

I am keeping fingers crossed 2006 will be my avenue into chilrden's books and a new course of freelance illustration for me. I'm close to finishing one children's book with a self-pub author, who knows ... my dream goal is to be comissioned by a publishing company, but I know how competeive it is. I guess time will tell ... and I have some hardwork to do ahead of me.

It does sound like you had a great year--Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your successes. : )

Hello! I've just discovered your blog and am loving your illustration. Thank you for the gift tags - yes I am a procrastinator and am very grateful for them - LOVE them!

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