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Cute little Bucky dog, Janee.

Fun list! It's always interesting to learn random facts about folks. Bucky is ADORABLE, and I too married an Englishman (well, he's half Welsh...depends on what mood he's in to play up which heritage...). =)

Love your list! The 20 random things meme has been fun to see on various blogs. By the way, I'm another short girl married to a tall guy... and we also met online. :)

It's always interesting to get a clearer picture of who we are conversing with.

So how do you avoid the sun? Especially in Texas?! Guess you don't hang out at the beach much but you must love the night life!

Congrats on your book deal, fabulous! I am part choctaw, I need to join, was encouraged to do so and kept putting it off.

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