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Yes, phoo-phooey! There's some people I just won't show or discuss my art with. It's just not worth it.

I love the illustration! The snakes are awesome!

Amen sistah!!! Wonderfully ooky illo. Talk about a bad hair day!

Way to go, Janee. Boo hiss on the Negative Nellies!

Good on you! I know how hard it can be sometimes.

Great Gorgon!

I love this entry and I LOVE the illustration. Your site is so lover-ly.

You can always come here for support and understanding. Just call me "Sue"--great portrait of Nellie btw!

Great that you decided to don't listen to her negative comments. The most important is what you feel about yourself.

I *love* this picture! It's so true! And phooey on those Negative Nellies! You know - I've noticed they have even MORE to say once success comes your way. So Look at it that way - she's probably jealous!

Woah Nellie!!! Nellie's consistent negative comments are a reflection of her rather than you. Phooey indeed. Love the illo!

Good for you!!! You can be sooo proud of yourself!! I love your wording "Supportive Susans" :-)
In my life the name Susan is actually a Nellie (or was, I kinda cut her out and wrote her an angry letter to tell her that her behaviour was unacceptable), hahah!

Your Illustration is awesome I love it!


My worst "Nellie" has been my own self!

Always appreciate the encouraging boost I get when I come to your blog. Also like your Medusa illo. Someone needs to call an exterminator!

woo hoo! Good for you! I love the medussa picture....its awesome!

Love, Violette

The worst people to me over the years have been art teachers for some reason. I don't know why, but some of them have been pretty nasty.

Keep at it! Your work is fantastic!

at least something good came from "Nell's" negativity, what a terrific illo they "inspired", love it !

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