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We all have them , Janee -fears that is- and I'm so glad to see you push through yours. What an achievement!
Mine is going to the dentist regulary. =o)
Congrats, Janee, I have no doubt your witchy will find a home!

Fear? What fear? Way to go, Janee! How exciting! I love the little witch, she's adorable. And the pattern in the rug - amazing! Your colors and textures are always so rich and luxurious. I'm dying to read the book now - too fun! Good for you!

Thanks for showing this! I have found that creating dummies (for me, only of writing) helps me feel like the books I'm writing are more real. I can turn the pages and pretend like it's already published. It helped me get the confidence I needed to submit my work to a publisher.

Congrats on overcoming that fear!

congrats on your achievement ! Your book looks like fun, it's neat to see even just a bit of the process of creating, thanks ! it's hard to image there was any fear with such a joyful illustration, or I guess I've got that backwards, the fear was conquered and the joy came through !

Wow! I love the texture. Keep up the good work. I've had a dummy book on my to-do list for ever. I'm still looking into the creative workshop. Thanks for the link!

Congrats! Looks adorable!

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