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So far, this is my favorite. I love the colors and the smoothness and most especially, I love his expression. You got that "totally in the groove of the music" look just right.

eerily realistic! agree with april...you really feel that edgar's just groovin, oblivious.

beautiful color!

Wow, this is amazing, Janee. You talented girl, you!

Very nice!!! I didn't know you could do realistic stuff. I took some time to wander around Edgar's site. He is a talented guy!

He's too cool to care. Great stuff !

This is gorgeous, Janee...wow, you are talented!

You have a way with that Wacom! Very nice.

Gosh, Janee, this is beautiful!

this is really nice..I love it !

This is really nice. I really like the play of green and purple together-the colors in themselves have a "vibe"!

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