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Janee, what a perfect "Reinvention"!! Love the illo and love what you said. It makes me feel better because I feel the continuous urge to reinvent myself.

I lovelovelove this piece!!!!

I love the concept and the illustration. Very unique.

There you are! I came by earlier today and you were STILL absent from the blog-job. :) Glad to see you've posted. Missed you!

Really like what you put up for IF. Well done and good choice to tilt the horizon. Bet that kid's a handful!

well i really like that thought because i'm sort of like you and i was beginning to think it was a problem! Variety is the spice of life! Great illo!

Love, Violette

Great illustration, much more fun to be wearing something creative than a dress that looks like what's everybody else is wearing.

Oh, i love your illo. she is so lovely. So nice colouring. Waiting to see your next piece..

I have to say, I just showed this to my daughter and she started cracking up because she recognized herself! She's standing here next to me HOLDING those antenna ears and wearing a witches hat with some wild pajamas.

LOL! Another "endless experimenter" checks in to say, "I resemble that remark!"

SSSSOOOOOOOO adorable! what a great illo, brimming with janeeness!

nice i like it

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