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Wonderful post Janee! I got a nibble from an agent today so I'm preparing my questions right now!

Wow, what a wealth of great information! Thanks for sharing, Janee!

What a treasure of information you are, thanks so much for posting it!

Forgot to add how much I love the illustration you came up with too! The gappy smile is just classic.

Thanks, y'all! I should probably mention that I've never actually met Maggie in person, so the person in the spot illustration is totally made-up. :-)

I think Maggie is great, she has given me quite a bit of advice-I am excied to join the "blog ring"! Can't wait to read your other entries!

Excellent information. I've never approached illustration reps (just lit agents), but it's something I absolutely want. I can't stand the marketing aspect of this profession, I'm the kind of person who just wants to draw (sounds like someone who needs a rep, right?). I do worry about the high percentage they take, though.

Thanks so much for all the info, I'll definitely use that trying to find someone!

Oh, and I've said it before, but your work is outstanding, Janee!

thanks for the information Janee, hoping to be able to use it one day !

Thanks for the helpful info! I'm not anywhere close to that point yet, but I'm stockpiling all the hints and tips I can find for the future. :)

Great post Janee!!! Classic information that really is just as pertinent now as it was when you wrote it!!!! :)


Amazing information....I will be back to read it again.

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