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Janee...I just love this...I am a huge fan of whimsy and this one is so whimsical! Great color, great composition, funny!

It's fab!

hahahhaha! Now that is cute!

Great! I love your rich colors.

Another memorable piece, Janee. I am so thankful for Illustration Friday!

I love this, the color, the subject, all grand

This is so cute and absolutely fab.

So funny! Your art has such terrific humor in it!

I really love your use of colors. They're vibrant without being clashy. And I totally dig her hair... she looks like the B-52's!

haha, oh no! her red do is tight though :) lol.

As usual, you really pull it together. Lovely illustration.

Now SHE'S got a hairdo! Strong piece, lots of action, strong colors. I like it.

Very funny !

This is really great. I love the hair and the bird! Great colors.

Really fun illustration! I really enjoyed it!!

Thanks y'all!

wow, she so needs that ruffled collar to keep her head from toppling over, what a hair-do ! I can just see her when she take's it off, plunk ! over she goes ! Very much fun, and thanks for such a terrific word this week !

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