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That is so cute!

Now that there is how I would LOVE TO SLEEP...floating in the air.How tranquil. Great illustration, Janee!

Great use of bright colours - nice picture, Janee.

This is really outstanding! You have such a fabulous color sense! The colors you use are so clear and bright without being glaring. Just warm, lovely fabulous and saturated! They communicate such a comfort and joy! Happy 2005 Janee! Hope it delivers lots and lots of terrific illustration projects and recognition!

Wow, that's downright magical! I love it! :o) Jenny~

Great feel and color in this illustration. Great job...

this is beautiful and i feel as if i am floating, so nice.

Beautiful illustration! It has such an ethereal quality...reminds me of childhood :)

Thanks for the kind comments. I look forward to the next topic.

I love it! It feels like how I dream!

So dreamy. I love the mood in this piece. I can see you doing a ton of education pieces as well.

Mmmmm, dreamy, soft and inviting. I'm there!

I feel the same way about Illustration Friday - what a fantastic opportunity to get support for building a portfolio and experimenting with new directions! Look out, education market, Janee's coming!

Annie B

Lovely work. Especially like the texturing on the magic carpet and the way the colors work together!

Thanks very much, you guys!

Oh yeah, you're so right, Annie. Illustration Friday is a great environment for experimentation too!

I also love that it's so non-competitive...no pressure. It makes for great freedom.

Oh, I like this lots and lots and lots!

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