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Ahhh hahahaha... a little cone sweater!

This is wonderful! And hilarious - I wish it were a card.

This is so clever. It is imaginative, creative, colorful and just plain fun. Great illo!

aaahahahaha!!!! thanks for the smile janee! love it!

That's fantastic!

Awesome! Home run! Too cute for words... and seasonal to boot! ;o)

Too funny, Janee! Beautiful job!

Thanks y'all! I had fun with this topic.

this has to be my favorite! how very clever.

How very sweet!

AAAHHH!!! This is brilliant!!

Oh My ! Just simply wonderful ! Bravo !

Darling illustration!

Too Cute!

That is fabulous, it made me laugh out loud! My very favorite!

That is awesome.
Cone Baby!

That is awesome.
Cone Baby!

Just started viewing Illustration Friday....this is fantastic and funny.

Funny, sweet and clever. I love it.

Everybody's already said what I was going to say, but what's one more kudo, eh?
VERY cute illustration, and a very unique idea. This made me smile a lot. Thanks for your illustration!

That is magicalfantastical wonderful. Truly!

This is such a great concept. Thank you for sharing.

You are truly gifted, Janee. This is delightful.

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