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I like the little guy on the right!

I love your illustrations. They are really cool and creative.

Thanks, Nic! Thanks, Demetirus!

Love it! Great idea!

So adorable! I love those guys!

This is so clever...very nice brush textures, too...

You rock, girl!

(So do your bubbly kids!)

Thanks y'all!

Ha cool!! Bubble beards ROCK!

They are the sweetest little fellas around! I love their expressions!

wow! i like this!!!

awww, i love those guys! did you paint this? i love it, no matter what medium you used. it's great!


This is really very, very CUTE!!! Love the boldness of the colors, the expressions, the idea! Everything, really!

Darling, I just love it!

Thanks guys! Erika - I paint in Corel Painter; I hate cleaning brushes. :-)

That is truly wonderful! I love your use of color.

i love it! i love the feel of your artwork :)

Great illo! Looks like a great bubble bath of fun!

Ooooh... Such creativity in a bubble bath. I think I may try this the next time I have a nice, hot, bubble bath...Ahhhh :)

Very fun and, as you know, I like the bendy limbs.

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